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Who Qualifies for Services?

  • You must live in Houston, Peach, Taylor or Crawford County
  • You must be uninsured which means that you are not:
    • covered by your spouse’s insurance
    • approved by Medicaid, Peachcare or the VA
  • Your family’s gross income must be 150% of poverty level or less.
  • You must provide proof of your family income.
    • Current W-2 for, IRS 1040 Form (income tax return), wage stubs, other letters or documents issued by the payer of the income or 1099 Forms.
  • You must provide identification which shows your birthday & your picture
  • You must provide a utility bill with your name and address as proof of living in the above stated counties.


Items to bring to a Financial Screening Appointment

 Income Verification

The following items must be presented at the time of a Financial Screening, in order for an application to be processed:

Patient  Information 
(or Patient’s Father)

Spouse's Information 
(or Patient’s Mother)

Last 3 Paycheck Stubs   Last 3 Paycheck Stubs
Last 3 months of Bank Statements   Last 3 months of Bank Statements
Copy of Tax Return   Copy of Tax Return
Proof of Social Security or Disability Benefits   Proof of Social Security or Disability Benefits
Proof of Government Assistance   Proof of Government Assistance
Picture ID   Picture ID
Utility Bill   Utility Bill
OTHER WAGES (child support, alimony)   OTHER WAGES (child support, alimony)

Income from all wage earners, as well as government income will be calculated.   Household income and Family Size will help determine eligibility.




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